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Ginger Juice (姜母汁)

Ginger Juice (姜母汁)
Ginger Juice (姜母汁)

Ginger Juice (姜母汁)


Taiwan Old Ginger Juice

Taiwan Old Ginger Juice is made from quality highland ginger (above 1000m). Each Ginger is at least 2 years old and pesticide, preservative free. 

Our raw produceis taken straight from the farm to our factories and immediately cleaned. They are then processed and bottled under strict health and food safety conditions. (HACCP, GMP).

Due to the type of ginger used (Bamboo and small). Our Taiwan Old Ginger Juice has a strong flavourful taste. To ensure your satisfaction. This product is in glass bottles. This prevents external conditions and packaging in changing the taste.

Instead of now needing to go buy, wash, clean, slice and dice ginger whenever you need it. We have done the hard work for you and present ginger in juice at its best. 

Convenient, ready for immediate use, hygienic and consistent in flavour. You no longer need to worry about estimating and preparing Ginger for cooking. 

Suitable for cooking, making any ginger related drinks, or even sauces straight out of the bottle.

Recommended uses:

1. As condiment in cooking fish,vegetables, meat.
2. As main ingredient in Nasi Kunning
3. Drinks such as Ginger Black Tea or Teh Halia
4. Ginger Aloe Vera Drink
5. Warm Ginger Black Sugar Tea


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